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Our Story


Rylee Dee's Boutique, a uncovered fairy tale.

Becoming pregnant at 21 with my 1st child, a little girl, was extremely exciting & overwhelming. I was that mom that swore up & down my child would not be drowned in pink, big bows, & all the unnecessary fashion accessories girls wear.

Once this little girl was in my hands though, my entire vision of having a baby girl changed. Pink started to overtake her wardrobe, bows started to fill her dresser, & little did I know..I started to "bling" her out.

Then as Rylee got a little older & wiser, she started to influence what she wore each day. Hair pretties were harder to come by because they were to much for me or to little for her so I attempted to make some simple flower pieces. Sadly, these didn't work to well for me.

I DID NOT stop there though. At this time in our lives - I just delivered a handsome baby boy and had gotten laid off from my at home processing job. With a need for that second income - I started testing different things I could make. After all sewing and creativity run deep in my family.

With many long nights & hours of trail and error, I started Rylee Dee's with simple bow clips, bow headbands, and top knots.

Thankfully, my creativity did not let me stop there.

What many people don't know about me is that I like to be challenged or as my husband likes to say - I get bored way to easily. Once the bows became an “easy" process for me, I needed to try more challenging pieces.

That is when I ventured into making girls clothing for girls in all sizes. I started simple of course, with skirts, high & regular waisted. Then once I got into a groove of making those, I started to make dressings, bloomers, peplums, and all the other pieces you now see available here in the shop.

Today, Rylee Dee's is not only an outlet for me to be myself, but it also a way that I provide for my family while staying home with my 4 children.

Your support, love, and care for our brand has provided my family with a possibility many people dream of. I may never be as large as a Target, but I am a mom who is living a dream at home with my crazy babies everyday. And that, I am 100% blessed for.

Rylee Dee's, to me, was a fairy tale that was hidden inside myself. A talent I knew I had, but never knew to put to use.

Thank you to all of my moms, grandmas, aunts, friends, dads, &  so many more who continue to shop my pieces. Words and our small gratitudes will NEVER EXPRESS OUR THANKFULNESS FOR YOU.