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Rainbow Gem Peplum Dress

Rainbow Gem Peplum Dress

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This Rainbow Gem peplum dress is a for sho show stopper! This dress is PERFECT for summer! It’s light, easy to wear, & super loose to keep your girl freely moving all day long. These bright color stripes will make your summer brighter, more fun, and the most stylish one yet.  

Our dresses are always made with 100% cotton unless noted otherwise. 

Our dresses run extremely true to size & what size she wears in most store bought brands, will fit her in our dresses as well.

Size Chart:
NB: 12" chest, 11” length, 5 to 8 lbs
0/3: 14" chest, 12” length, 8 to 12lbs
3/6m: 16" chest, 13” length, 12 to 16lbs
6/9m: 17" chest, 14” length, 16 to 20lbs
9/12m: 18" chest, 15” length, 20 to 24lbs
12/18m: 19" chest, 17” length, 24 to 27lbs
18/24m: 20" chest, 18” length, 27 to 29lbs
2t: 20.5" chest, 19” waist, 17.75” length
3t: 21.5" chest, 20” waist, 19.75” length
4t: 22.5" chest, 21” waist, 20.5” length
5t: 23" chest, 22” waist, 21.75” length
6t: 24" chest, 23” waist, 23.75 length
7g: 25" chest, 24” waist, 25” length
8g: 26" chest, 24.35” waist, 26.5” length
10g: 28" chest, 25” waist, 29” length
12g: 30" chest, 26” waist, 30.5” length

**Although our dresses run very true to size, PLEASE READ THE SIZE CHART CAREFULLY! We DO NOT accept returns after items have been opened.**


Please advise: All prints will vary slightly on your order as well as the colors. The photos are sample photos only and color perception may vary on each screen when viewing an item. 


Care Instructions:
Wash all your Rylee Dee's pieces on delicate settings with cold water. It is best to wash all of our pieces with a color catcher to avoid coloring bleeding. Then hang your piece to dry.


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